Produced: Napako lighting factory
Country: Czechoslovakia
Period: 1960’s
Diameter: 48cm – aluminium ceiling rod is 40cm
Price: ‚ā¨195

Ceiling light made from painted glass in an excellent condition. With renewed electrical wiring.

This pendant light is suitable for E27 Edison Screw (ES) light bulbs. USA uses E26 ES. E26 and 27 are 26 mm and 27 mm diameter of the base of the bulb. An E26 bulb can fit in E27 base and an E27 bulb can fit in E26 base without problem. The sockets / bulbs are interchangeable except for the voltage rating. The E26 is the standard 120 Volt American base. The E27 is the European variant and is rated at 220 Volts. Therefore, only E26 bulbs that are universal line-voltage can be used in both E26 and E27 sockets. If universal line-voltage bulbs are not an option, the lampholders on the pendant itself can easily be changed.